Stepping Stones

Day School   

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Class Goals


We strive to make the child's first experience in the classroom a positive one. Our loving staff offer a wide variety of tactile, visual and auditory experiences to each child. The children will to learn to follow directions and to listen to the teacher.


During the year, the children move from parallel play to group play, sharing and discovering new skills through hands-on experiences in art, music and physical activities. Learning how to learn and listen are natural by-products of these activities.


Our goal is to create a loving and positive atmosphere for every child. Our hope is to develop his/her self-confidence while introducing new skills such as colors, shapes, letters, cutting, and gluing skills while remembering to make learning fun. All activities are creative and child centered. All children must be potty trained for this class.


We strive to help each child develop a positive self image and a respect for others. We expose our children to developmentally appropriate readiness skills, such as pre-reading, reading, writing, math, science, and many different kinds of sensory experiences. Our goal is to help them become socially, emotionally and physically secure with their abilities to begin kindergarten.